THEA for refugees and non-native newcomers

THEA* is a flexible programme for refugees and non-native newcomers with higher education prospects. It is organised by the four institutions of the Antwerp University Association (Dutch: Associatie Universiteit & Hogescholen Antwerpen or AUHA).

THEA allows refugees and non-native newcomers to get a taste of higher education during the final stages of the Dutch preparatory programme or during the integration process. The aim is to allow these prospective students to find out more about the study programme they would like to take, thus helping them to make a well-informed decision. The project is organised in cooperation with Atlas – Antwerp’s agency for civic integration (City of Antwerp). Selection and screening of candidates is exclusively conducted by Atlas.

* THEA is a fictious name, but could serve as an acronym for ‘Try Higher Education in Antwerp’ or (in Dutch) ‘Traject Hogere Educatie Antwerpen’.