Eveke de Louw is an experienced internationalisation practitioner and an expert in curriculum internationalisation. She is currently Senior International Officer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and a steering group member of the internationalisation at home expert community of the EAIE. She’s also a 2019 winner of the EAIE Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Laura Rumbley  served previously as deputy director of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in Brussels and Associate Director of the Boston College Center for International Higher Education. She is currently Associate Director, Knowledge Development & Research at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in Amsterdam.

In his job as International Relations Officer, Remo Herzog is responsible for the internal and external communication of KdG’s central International Office and for welcoming international exchange students. In 2016 he founded the ‘KdG Explorers Club’, which is home to a mix of students with different backgrounds who organize activities to bring local and international students together.

Laura Braspenning works as coordinator International Affairs and as artistic researcher at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (KdG). Her research interest is social design and focuses on its quality of stimulating intercultural dialogue and social cohesion. These aspects are also what drives her for the development of an ‘Eveningschool’ in which themes such as diversity and interculturalisation are dealt with cross-disciplinarily.

In the ‘InArtesproject’ Kirsten Roosendaal (researcher and writer) focuses on interculturality in the international art campus of The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (AP). Students and teachers were interviewed to uncover some elementary discussion topics (for example diversity in arts, role models, gender issues, language issues and intercultural communication). These topics tempt us to explore the question how to realize the ideal learning community.

Frank Verstraeten is coordinator of the University Center for Development Cooperation and has years of experience dealing with diversity at home and abroad. He regularly gives sessions in the context of incoming and outgoing mobility in Flemish higher education.


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