All sessions, except 2a, are conducted in English

1 – 1.30pm

1.30 – 2.30pm: keynote address
Comprehensive internationalisation
Eveke De Louw & Laura Rumbley
their ambitions to prepare their students for successful careers in today’s globalised labour market, institutions worldwide invest a lot of effort in providing opportunities for mobility and international activities abroad. However, mobility only reaches a small percentage of students and institutions are increasingly focusing on more inclusive and comprehensive internationalisation strategies. In this keynote speech, Laura Rumbley and Eveke de Louw will discuss the conceptualisation of comprehensive internationalisation from American and European perspectives as well as from their own working practices. A process model of implementing comprehensive internationalisation across an institution of higher education will be presented, and practical examples will be shared on how to engage with and support multiple stakeholders across the institution so that internationalisation is embedded broadly and deeply.

2.30 – 2.45pm
Coffee break

2.45 – 3.30pm
Session 1a
Good practices from the field
The internationalisation of student populations – which, like our city, are characterised by super-diversity – presents our higher education institutions with exciting challenges. How can we actively support staff – both teachers and administrative staff – to positively channel this increasing diversity? How can we connect international students more deeply with our regular students? And how can the diversity of our student population contribute to educational innovation? Remo Herzog (International Office KdG), Laura Braspenning (St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, KdG) and Kirsten Roosendaal (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, AP) testify about initiatives they are setting up in this area and dream about how these experimental projects can become part of the general policy of our higher education institutions.

Session 1b (campfire)
Experience sharing across Antwerp and beyond
The two keynote speakers Eveke De Louw & Laura Rumbley testify about the experiences within their respective institutes in the field of comprehensive internationalisation. This is the starting point for an interactive discussion with participants in the workshop. To what extent are participants already familiar with or do they have practical experience in the field of comprehensive internationalisation? What opportunities and challenges do they see for a deeper and broader internationalisation of their own working practices? What support do they need? These and other topics can be discussed in this campfire session, which will be repeated with a different audience after the break.

3.45 – 4.30pm
Session 2a
Life skills
(session in Dutch)

How to deal with foreign students and colleagues better?
More and more foreign students and colleagues are finding their way to our campuses in the context of all kinds of exchange programs. This should be an enrichment. In practice, however, there are many prejudices and misconceptions with regard to so-called intercultural living and working. Positive expectations from both sides become disappointments. With many frustrations and increasing segregation as a result. Dealing with (the ever increasing) diversity is not evident and requires a new vision of diversity in our changing society. UCOS puts diversity-sensitive action forward as a fascinating starting point and offers some practical tools to facilitate living together.

Session 2b (campfire)
Experience sharing across Antwerp and beyond
(See 1B)

4.40 – 5pm

Networking reception


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